Promoting Cultures of Peace for Children is a non-profit society dedicated to bringing about a culture of peace for children.

Acts of Transformation: from War Toys to Peace Art asks children and youth to surrender their war toys so that they may be transformed into works of art. Voluntary surrendering of a war toys is a conscience step towards a culture of peace. Decommissioning the toy is a mindful act that renders a violent toy to passive object. Transforming the object into a work of art is an action that promotes peace. The art inspires others towards a culture of peace.

The society is working to encourage, to inspire, to motivate and to cultivate an educational environment that will create capacity and community support for the understanding and growth of this Peace Education Project in schools and school districts throughout British Columbia.

The purpose of the Promoting a Culture of Peace for Children Society of BC is to work on and organize education projects and activities that promote a culture of peace and non violence for Children.