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02/19/13) Non-violent TV Cuts Kids Aggression: Parents who make the switch will improve preschoolers' outlook study suggests: By Donna Gordon Blankinship, The Associated Press: Link

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01/29/10) Honouring the Olympic Truce by Turning war toys into Peace Art: Link

12/21/09) War Toys project unveiled at Anmore Elementary: Link

12/19/09) Grannies rage against war toys: Link

12/03/08) Amnesty Dinner Support: Link

11/06/08) British Columbia Teachers' Federation Article: Link

10/17/08) Iraq Bans War Toys: Link

09/27/07) War toys to become art on Gandhi's birthday: Link

06/22/06) How will Canada change when kids no longer play with war toys?: Link

06/22/06) War is no game for activists: Link

06/07/06) New exhibit transforms war toys: Link

05/14/06) Globe & Mail article: Download